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Hectoplex Molecular Diagnostics©: The world’s first mega-multiplex, true syndromic test platform for life-threatening infections and anti-microbial resistance

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About ImmunoHeal

What we do

Every day, ImmunoHeal rapidly diagnoses life-threatening infections and superbugs specifically and accurately. Doctors use the powerful clinical evidence from Hectoplex to save lives by treating patients early, and with precision, while reducing drugs and total cost.
The Hectoplex platform creates a decision support system for antimicrobial therapy, and provides extraordinary insights into the aetiology, prevalence and epidemiology of infectious disease.


Technology and Science

The Hectoplex molecular diagnostics platform comprises over 20 syndromic panels that precisely mirror clinicians’ workflow and diagnostic challenges.

Hectoplex is built upon a robust, market-tested chemistry. It has saved over 20,000 lives by diagnosing critical infections in a few hours instead of three days, and by covering the 85% of patients who get no results from microbial cultures.

AI-driven infectious
disease prediction

Hectoplex already generates deep data on infections that is transforming clinical practices.

As we build the future Hectoplex Ultra-Rapid test platform, ImmunoHeal will create unparalleled mapping, tracking and predictive tools for infectious disease.


Innovation Advantage

A clinically validated proprietary library of over 400 biomarkers covering 68 pathogens and 18 antimicrobial resistance genes.

21 comprehensive panels for systemic, neurological and ophthalmic infections.

The world’s largest single panel for anti-microbial resistance.

Direct and verifiable evidence that pathogenic DNA or RNA is present in patient samples.

Evidence of secondary and polymicrobial infections.

High sensitivity and specificity rule out infections where other clinical assessments are inconclusive.


Targeted therapy


Proprietary and Unique


Precise solutions

Our Team

A seasoned team driving an empowering culture of innovation. Our Board and Advisors are well recognised industry, scientific and management leaders

Krish G. Krishnan


Dr. Ravi Kumar Banda

Scientific Adviser

Guy Beckerlegge


Cancer and cardiovascular diseases get more attention worldwide, but infectious diseases cause more deaths every year (>11.0 million)

Social Impact

By democratising diagnoses and infectious disease data, we impact every stratum of society across vast geographies.

The socio-economic costs (GDP loss) from antimicrobial resistance (AMR) will jump from $200 billion in 2020 to nearly $2 trillion by 2030

from “The Review on Antimicrobial Resistance 2016”,
ed. Jim O’Neill – HM Government and Wellcome Trust

The economic impact of growing antimicrobial resistance (AMR) makes it the greatest global health threat in the coming decade.


Flexibility and Speed

The Hectoplex Acute Respiratory Infection Syndrome (ARIS) Panel

The novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19, the disease it causes, continue to pose a global pandemic threat. In response, ImmunoHeal mobilised rapidly, and within six weeks offers what the world will actually need during the current phase of the outbreak: a comprehensive respiratory virus panel.

In 7 hours, the Hectoplex ARIS Panel accurately identifies and distinguishes between SARS-CoV-2, other CoVs, influenza and other respiratory viruses.As COVID-19 spreads, the ARIS panel allows public health officials to decide on the right way to deal with individuals who share a narrow cluster of symptoms.